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Upon successful merchant account application, the merchant processing fees will be dictated by the acquirer providing the service. Negotiating the fees is not something we get involved with (unless you explicitly ask us to) as the contract will be between your company and them. For crypto related merchants, you should expect to pay anything from 2.5% – 5% processing fees depending on the acquirer and how high risk they determine your business to be.

Nearly all acquirers we work with will insist on some kind of rolling reserve. The industry standard is a 10% rolling reserve for up to 6 months. For crypto exchanges in particular, having cash flow locked up for this amount of time can be disruptive to your business model. With this in mind we have helped merchants reduce the rolling reserve down to 14 days in some cases.

The acquirers we work with offer anything from T+1 day settlement, up to T+14 in cases where there is no rolling reserve.

For crypto businesses that require sending funds back to customers, we are able to offer an innovative new product called OCT (Original Credit Transaction). OCT is a payment system for sending fast and convenient fund transfers to over a billion eligible Visa, MasterCard holders. This type of push payment is incredibly popular with crypto exchanges who need to send funds back to clients after receiving a fiat withdrawal request.

At this time we are able to offer fiat payment processing for Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay (CUP) cardholders globally.

If you have all of your business documents in place, we can have an account opened for you within 14 days!

Yes, we can absolutely help you open more than one merchant account, and we highly recommend it. Having multiple merchant accounts helps you to spread your risk from unexpected down time, load balancing and account disruptions due to fraud/chargebacks or any other reason.

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