How we work:

Our tried and tested process is the key to our success.

01. Initial Consultation

To begin, we will take you through an initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to fully understand your business, and your requirements.

02. Business & Product Review

In order to build a business case to our banking partners for your company, first we need to review and audit how your product works. This will involve going through your entire customer journey, and also a review of any relevant business processes.

03. KYC & Compliance Audit

One of the key fears which banking institutions have about crypto businesses is the risk it exposes them to with regards to anti-money-laundering. With this in mind a key area of our focus is to demonstrate to the bank what your business is proactively doing to reduce this risk. We audit your entire KYC and compliance process, and also make any recommendations where necessary.

Customer KYC
How well do your know your customer?
Due Diligence
What checks are you running on your customers?
Fraud Prevention
What are you doing to prevent payment fraud?
Blockchain Monitoring
Are you monitoring crypto for AML/CTF?

04. Application Pack Compilation

We will compile everything we have learnt about your business, and build an application pack to put forward to the bank. As a part of this process, we will require full KYB with supporting documentation on your business.

05. Bank Presentation

We take the time to properly present your business to our banking partner, so they understand how you operate, why you should not be considered a risk, and how they can accommodate your ongoing needs.

06. Contracts

Upon successful application, we will put you in touch directly with the banking partner in question to complete the contracting stage between both entities. As to avoid any conflict of interest, this is not an area we get involved in.

07. Onboarding & Integration

Finally, we remain at your disposal to assist with the integration to make your onboarding process as simple as possible.

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