One simple fee:

We only charge a fee if we successfully open an account for you.

What are the fees charged by the banks who provide the banking or payment processing services of the account we open?
The fees charged by our partners who actually provide the service vary widely, and highly depend on the profile of your business, and how high risk they determine it to be. Please be aware that nearly all of the banking sector consider Crypto industry businesses to be high risk, and therefore charge accordingly.

Expect to pay a percentage fee with the bank account solutions we provide, and medium percentage fees for payment processing. Expecting anything near interchange is not realistic.

Having said that, we only work with partners who specialise in crypto, and have found the ones who are able to offer the most competitive rates for the industry.

Do you issue refunds?
Fees are only invoiced by CoinAcquiring once we successfully open an account for you. However, if there were any problems after you have paid your fee that are the result of our partner, then we would refund accordingly.
How long does it take?
This really depends on you. If you have all of your documents in order, and you are able to provide full access to our consultants, then we can have an approval for you within 48 hours, and an account open for you within days after that.
Does it matter where I am from?
No, we can help open accounts for businesses from all over the world.
Are there any other fees to pay?
Certain banking partners may also impose an account opening fee on their side. This cost is completely out of our control, and does not go to CoinAcquiring.
How many accounts can I open?
We recommend that all merchants have at least three different merchant accounts open at any one time. Having multiple accounts reduces your risk from payment processing downtime, or changes in one banks risk appetite.