Accept Payments in China and South East Asia

CoinAcquiring has payment solutions for any crypto industry merchants looking to collect online payments from customers in Asia. With local payment methods for China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, we have your Asian needs completely covered.

6 Asian Markets
CoinAcquiring can provide local bank transfer payment methods in 6 Asian markets: China (CNY), Thailand (THB), Vietnam (VND), Malaysia (MYR), Indonesia (IDR) and India (INR). Payments are processed in local currency only.
Bank Transfer Solution
The bank transfer solution allows users to pay simply, by using their internet banking to approve the transaction. The process, simple fast and automated, resulting in high conversion rates.
Pay-Ins & Pay-Outs
Our bank transfer solution supports both receiving money from your clients, as well as sending money back out for withdrawals. All payments are real time and instant.

Local Currency Fiat-to-Crypto Payment Solutions (money-in & money-out)


No Chargebacks!

Our bank transfer solution is instant and irreversible, meaning that there are no chargebacks. This means much less fraud risk to your business.


No Rolling Reserve!

No chargebacks means there is no need for any rolling reserve. You are able to receive 100% of your processed funds immediately. No need to wait.


Same Day Settlement!

With no chargebacks and no rolling reserve, we are able to settle 100% of your funds immediately. You can receive daily settlements T+0, to your bank anywhere in the world.


Supports all local banks!

The local bank transfer solution supports all major banks across China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India allowing you to reach the widest audience in each local market.

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