Crypto Friendly Foreign Exchange (FX) & Remittance Services

Money Service Businesses (MSB’s) and Foreign Exchange houses are inherently unfriendly to doing business with crypto related merchants. That’s where we come in. CoinAcquiring offers a consulting and account opening service to help your business open accounts MSB’s who understand the crypto industry and welcome their business. Utilising an MSB instead of relying on your bank for cross border payments results in dramatics savings directly impacting your bottom line.

Crypto friendly foreign exchange
Foreign Exchange
Finding an foreign exchange service provider which is happy to open an account for your crypto business can be challenging. CoinAcquiring can help to solve this problem through strong partnerships with leading crypto-friendly money service operators who can offer forward or spot FX trades.
Cross-Border Payments
Crypto-exchanges & OTC brokers who are looking to settle client withdrawals cross border are typically receiving very poor rates on international money transfers from their bank. CoinAcquiring will open you an account with a licensed MSB who will provide you with improved rates of exchange on any cross border transaction. We can typically help you save 2-4% on international money transfers.
Private Clients
CoinAcquiring can also help private clients and HNWI’s from all over the world, looking to make OTC trades, solve their foreign currency & remittance obstacles.

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